Oracle OpenWorld 2012 Wrap Up – Part 1

October 12, 2012 by 2 Comments 

Kirill Loifman at Oracle Open World Conference 2012 in San Francisco

Kirill Loifman at Oracle OpenWorld Conference 2012 in San Francisco

Another Oracle OpenWorld (OOW) Conference that I attended is over. This time is in sunny San Francisco. It was a great event and I could learn a lot about new technologies and polish my DBA skills during technical sessions, hands-on labs and live demos. Also the Oracle keynotes were not like a brainwash but rather they could motivate me to be excited about the work I’ve been doing for more than 15 years. But OpenWorld (OOW) is not just this. It’s also about networking, meeting interesting people, technology gurus and catching up with folks I already knew.

There were a lot of different topics covered at the OOW conference but my main focus was on the database management technology. See below the summary of the OpenWorld conference news and highlights that were important for me.

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Database expert with strong soft skills

November 4, 2011 by Leave a comment 

database expert with strong soft skills

Daniel Boswell and me at Negotiation training, 2011

An effective database expert nowadays should not only fix the day to day technical problems but also provide efficient IT solutions, present them properly and, based on the management decisions, implement them. To accomplish this, a modern database expert should not concentrate only on technical training but also improve his soft skills.

Seriously, I know good database developers and DBAs that are professionals in their areas but for many of them it’s hard to communicate properly, negotiate with counterparts, propose valuable solutions or give a solid presentation to IT management. Some IT gurus simply ignore this and do not like to participate neither in strategic company discussion nor in this type of soft skills training. From my point of view, this is a big mistake. Besides, I think communication and negotiation topics are very exciting areas where you can train yourself, practise and as a result of that, improve not only soft skills but also your overall IT proficiency.

Recently I had a chance to attend a very interesting 2 days training class on negotiations topics. There I learned and what is really important could practice different negotiation techniques and strategies. Read more »

Oracle training for a performance tuning expert

September 7, 2010 by 2 Comments 

Oracle training with Dan Hotka in Germany

Oracle training with Dan Hotka in Germany

I always thought Oracle database performance tuning was more an art than a science. Being an Oracle performance tuning expert you have to recite not only database manuals but know how the database really works. Besides, you have to understand the core principles of performance management, including a time-tested methodology that is utilized to determine, investigate, and implement efficient solutions to real performance problems. Read more »

What makes an Oracle consultant tick?

October 21, 2009 by Leave a comment 

Oracle Open World in Berlin

Oracle Open World in Berlin

What makes me, as an Oracle consultant, tick? That question sometimes rises in my mind. I think the answer is “Passion for new IT technology, in particular new cutting-edge database techniques and features I have to learn and use at work. I would also include new training and conferences.

I can admit that my motivation sometimes wanes doing day-to-day DBA work but once I get a new and interesting project or have to work with brand new RDBMS versions I’m re-invigorated. Training and conferences are also big motivation driving factors for Oracle experts. Read more »

PSU simplify Oracle patching

August 19, 2009 by 2 Comments 

What are Oracle Patches?

Oracle patching is not always straight forward. Patch sets, patch bundles, one-off and interim patches, critical patch updates,… so many product version numbers. What should I install on my Oracle systems and how often?
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