The power of Oracle User Dictionary Views

September 4, 2009 by 4 Comments 

“What’s my Oracle user default tablespace? How much space do my database objects occupy? Did you move all my indexes during the user schema copy?…”

Being a full-time Oracle DBA I frequently answer these same questions of software developers. Read more »

Find duplicate rows in Oracle table

August 25, 2009 by 4 Comments 

You are an Oracle DBA or developer and want to determine the location of duplicate rows in an Oracle table. You need it for example before attempting to place a unique index on the table. See below how can this be done.
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PSU simplify Oracle patching

August 19, 2009 by 2 Comments 

What are Oracle Patches?

Oracle patching is not always straight forward. Patch sets, patch bundles, one-off and interim patches, critical patch updates,… so many product version numbers. What should I install on my Oracle systems and how often?
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