Oracle DBaaS in Private Database Cloud workshop

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Designing Database as a Service (DBaaS) in own Database Cloud is very comprehensive topic and it requires a lot of things: clear concept and strategy, solid planning, important architecture decisions, considerable involvement of different stakeholders, extra budget, etc. To start talking about this topic I’ll give my own definition of DBaaS which is a managed database service, hosted and offered by DBaaS provider on pay-per-usage basis, which provides access to own database resource with flexible on-demand system scaling capabilities. DBaaS on high level consists of three major pillars: Business, Operation and Technology and you cannot start with the most interesting one, which is certainly Technology (at least for me :).

Oracle DBaaS in Private Database Cloud workshop

DBaaS workshop in Munich with Ralf Durben and Manual Hossfeld

Last week being a part of exclusive Oracle Database Day workshop I learned and discussed the possibilities of building a DBaaS based on Private Database Cloud with best Oracle Germany experts in Munich. This time we talked exactly about DBaaS Technology and specifically about Oracle Cloud Management capabilities. With help of Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) 12c Cloud Control and OEM Self Service Portal you can establish a framework for end-users to provision own DBaaS components with a few mouse clicks. In Oracle terms these DBaaS components can be the following:

– Database instance as a Service
– Database schema as a Service
12c Pluggable Database (PDB) as a Service
– Virtual Machine as a Service

Before architecting own DBaaS in Private Database Cloud there are a few major prerequisites you have to meet:

– Clear Cloud concept and strategy (as stated above)
– Powerful hardware platform with ability of scaling on demand
– Virtualization platforms if required (OracleVM as an example)
– Oracle Databases 11g/12c
– Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) 12c Cloud Control >=
– OEM Cloud Management Plug-in >=
– OEM agents installed on the corresponding systems
– Some extra Oracle licensed options:
– OEM Cloud Management pack
– OEM Lifecycle management pack
– Oracle database 12c Multitenant option (if PDB as a Service required)

The actual Database as a Service (DBaaS) implementation is conducted inside Oracle OEM 12c Cloud Control and its Self Service Portal. It’s easier than you think but still requires a few more posts on my Blog 🙂

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