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21 Responses to “Feedback”
  1. Kirill Loifman says:

    Hi Nidhika
    CASE expression treats NULLs in Oracle database SQL a bit differently compared to DECODE.
    You can achieve the same result with CASE using “Searched CASE” as following:
    SQL+> variable i varchar2
    SQL+> exec :i := NULL;
    SQL+> select case when :i is null then ‘true’ else ‘false’ end as Case_Test from dual ;

    I’ve just explained that in my new article below:

    Hope that helps
    — Kirill

  2. Nidhika says:

    Hi Kirill,
    Could you please help me to clarify below mention doubt.

    select decode (null,null,’true’,’false’) as value from dual

    select case null when null then ‘true’ else ‘false’ end as Case_Test from dual

    Why above mention queries are giving different output and what is the difference between case and decode?


  3. John Goodhue says:

    Thank you Kirill. I was already aware of your very well done web site and blog and find it very helpful. Most recently “How to troubleshoot Oracle remote database connection” helped me through some connectivity issues I encountered when creating a standby database and shipping logs to it.

    Keep up the good work.

    John Goodhue,

  4. Nidhika Vaidh says:

    Hi Kirill,

    Thanks a lot. From a long time I was trying to execute C-PRG from PLSQL the demo which you have given,
    It helped me a lot.Now I am successfully able to execute C-PRG from PLSQL.
    Thanks for spending time to made that demo.In future if I want any kind of help I will contact you.

    Nidhika Vaidh

  5. Monto says:

    Hi Kirill,

    I must congragulate you first on having a excellent blog .I finished all your post in few hours could’nt resist myself from finishing it off.

    Looking forward for some more knowledgable posts from you!!!!


  6. Kirill is a professional business partner and it is every time a great privilege for me, to work with him together. He is always very focused and solution-oriented as well as very high skilled IT pro in order to solve difficulties and create new ideas in the customer’s best interest. It is absolutely my pleasure to work with Kirill together.

    Thanks for that!

    – Nikolaos Kalivianakis, Account Manager Core Technology, ORACLE Deutschland

  7. Phani Kumar says:

    It is great working with Kirill. He is very knowledgeable in Oracle Technologies and is always willing to go the extra mile to help the customers to complete the job – A very nice person to work with.

    Director at Trewport Technologies

  8. Kyle Hailey says:

    Thanks for the in depth review of DB Optimizer – much appreciated.

    Best Wishes

    Kyle Hailey, Program Manager, Embarcadero

  9. Not bad man, not bad! Your site looks very nice and clean, and interesting articles… Everyone praises you 🙂 If it came so you had to look for a new job, I bet you wouldn’t have any trouble to find one only because of your very good consulting blog (no need to mention your expertise).

    – Eugen Blattner, Software developer, phenometex GmbH

  10. Fernando says:

    Tks mate, it really help us saving time.

    Great articles, you’re really good one.


    – Fernando, Bohm

  11. Ngoc-Hoan Tran says:

    I have to admit that you are an excellence DBA who could understand and was able to
    salvage our FlexPLM Training database environment even you have been exposed to
    a complex PLM application in a very short time. Thank you very much for your

    The instruction that you gave for exporting empty tables in Oracle 11g
    database is working very well, not a lot of people in Oracle community knows
    about this. Thank you for the instruction, it is very helpful.

    – Ngoc-Hoan Tran, PLM Consultant, PTC

  12. KV Rao says:

    Kirill has extensive in depth knowledge in Oracle especially in database administration. He has resolved complex reporting framework issues in eMatrix PLM solution for adidas footwear business. The reporting frame work involved complex synchronization and was a challenge to eMatrix Product vendor as well as PLM Architects. Kirill using his expertise proposed and implemented reporting framework in PLM solution which resulted in generating seasonal reports with less than 12 hour latest production status while the reports earlier were generated on 3 days old production data.

    Kirill has always been “Go To” person who resolved and identified database related issues like long lasting SQL queries, deadlocks, active user sessions etc. Using his extensive database experience devised and designed Statistics Gathering, Index rebuilding mechanisms for PLM application during heavy migrations and brought in stability to PLM application. The fact that some PLM package vendor’s recommendations did not bring in stability while Kiril’s solutions made the PLM application stable speak about the DBA technical excellence Kirill has.

    During my association with you Kirill I admire your hard work, commitment and passion you display during the execution of work. You extraordinary technical expertise along with professionalism, hard work and commitment makes you as invaluable team member for any organization and would be proud to have you on any organizational rolls.
    I wish you very best in your future endeavors.

    – Kommaraju Rao, PLM Expert, Infosys Technologies

  13. Jens Bijell (SCP) says:

    In 2001 I joined EDS Systems Management Databases department in Germany doing extraordinary database services for many consumer companies. There I had the pleasure dealing with Kirill as a direct DBA contact on customer side for many years. In the course of the time I learned him being a very honest and kind person, having very strong IT skills with +dedication+ to Oracle RDBMS driven by excellent analytical means. He could be very demanding though, but talking about solutions or enhancements etc. never hit deaf ears. He has a very high regard on professionalism and respects people striving to give their best on the job.

    Kirill, as you know, it ever has been a pleasure being able to work with you (and your colleagues) together. You’re a strong part of my IT history … Keep on rolling … this is a very good page and be sure that I’ll read all your Oracle articles firmly.

    – Jens Bijell, EDS an HP company

  14. Tomas says:

    Thanks Kirill for help.
    Great website.

  15. Volkmar says:

    Hi Kirill,

    Congratulate to your web site. It is really good. I am looking forward to working more in future with you.
    Best regards.

    – Volkmar, Travnicek Consulting

  16. Werner Spielhaupter says:

    Hi Kirill,

    I have to admit that this is one of those sites that make me believe there are still some serious guys out there in IT. It looks very professional with precise information displayed and a very nice layout which doesn’t emphasis on the Web Designer skills of the admin but on the professional skills of the owner. Really good stuff.

    Werner Spielhaupter, Citrix Systems

  17. Imre Géza says:

    HI Kirill,

    Cool to see this site. I have always enjoyed the work with you, and hope, we will meet in the future.

    Imre Géza, DBA

  18. Kamalakannan Anantharaman says:

    Hi Kirill,

    I had a wonderful interaction with you in multiple initiative which involves oracle as a database platform. Your ability to analyse the requirements and come up with the optimal and most efficient way of dealing with Oracle has been excellent. More importantly your helping nature made my life very easy during PDM Integration. You have deep knowledge in all aspects of Oracle database and you are a great asset and wonderful team player to work with.

    – Kamala Anantharaman, Infosys Technologies

  19. Ari Kaplan says:

    Great to see your website Kirill, it looks very professional. Ich sprechen etweiss Deutsche. I will be checking back in on the site.


    Ari Kaplan

  20. Dr. Dieter Höner says:

    Wir hatten letzte Woche ein akutes Datenbankproblem, und Herr Loifman hat uns spontan, unbürokratisch und sehr kompetent viele gute Tipps gegeben.
    Ich kann ihn als ORACLE-Spezialisten nur weiterempfehlen.

    Dieter Höner, DBA, LÄKH

  21. Oleg Gurevich says:

    Über viele Jahre hatte ich im Laufe meiner Arbeit engen Arbeits- Kontakt mit dem Herr Loifman. Kompetenz, Professionalism und gute menschliche Eigenschaften zeichnen ihn als einen sehr geschätzten Ansprechspartner und Spezialisten.

    Oleg Gurevich, System Ingenieur, zetVisions AG

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