How to escalate Oracle Support Service Request MOS SR

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Oracle Support MOS SR escalated

Oracle Support Service Request (MOS SR) escalated

If you are not satisfied with the resolution or response to a critical Service Request (SR) at My Oracle Support (MOS), you can escalate it. SR escalation process (formerly known as the Duty Manager Process) is officially known as Requesting Manager Attention to a Service Request. This procedure will facilitate the assignment of a Support Manager [and potentially another support Engineer] to the SR, creation of an Action Plan and as the result it will usually speed up the resolution of the issue.

See below a Workbook of how to properly escalate MOS SR which is based on the Oracle official procedure, best practices and my own experience (this is a draft document -> it will be adjusted based on your valuable comments and experiences that you can post right below this post).

Before Escalating MOS SR

  • Raise SR Severity (do not escalate if you have an ability to raise the severity)
  • Work properly with the SR to avoid delays using my MOS SR Tips and Best practices
  • In case you decide to escalate SR ensure the following:
    • You have a valid reason and business case at your hands.
    • Decide who will be the main contact from your side for the escalation process and that contact information is properly documeted in the SR (either as Primary or Alternate SR contact or if other: place it in SR body).

1. Insert the below template into the SR

This step is optional but makes sense to ensure proper communication

******************* Management Attention Request *******************
Current time: [DD-MM.YYYY HH24:MI]
Short reason for request, including business impact of the problem
Name of the customer requesting callback: “Name” or “use Primary (Alternate) SR contact”
Contact information: “phone number, pager, email address”
******************* Management Attention Request *******************

2. Call the Oracle Support HUB (24X7)

  • Find the local Oracle Support HUB number to call at
  • for Germany: +49.180.2000.170
  • You may choose #1 for “Existing SR” and #2 to “Escalate your SR”

3. Escalate SR (Request Support Management Attention)

Just say on the phone: “Here is my existing Service Request #999…, I would like to escalate it and speak with [or receive a callback from] the Support Manager”.

Be prepare to answer following questions (unless you mentioned them already in the SR itself):

  • Reason for request, including business impact of the problem
  • Business or implementation milestone, critical date(s) (milestone date or resolve by date)
  • Name and contact information of the customer requesting callback: -> you can say: “it’s in the SR”

During the call your contact information will be verified and the Support Manager will be identified and notified for callback.

After the call I recommend the following:

  • Check if this escalation call is properly recorded by Oracle in the SR itself with your correct contact details. If not, call MOS again.
  • Place yourself a record in the SR:
    “HH24:MI – Just escalated the SR on the phone, waiting for Support manager callback”
  • Troubleshoot the issue yourself  in the meantime (the manager call back might take time)
  • Additionally the “Escalation Status” in the SR Summary (right Panel of SR) should be changed to “Escalated” (see above picture). If not, ask  the Support Manager to change it when he will call you back.
  • In case you have not received the Manager callback within 30 min, call Support HUB again.

4. Support manager call back

The Oracle Support Manager who is responsible for the team where the SR resides (but not always) will call you back to discuss the technical details and review the Service Request. Note, that the Support Manager owns the escalation until the issue is resolved and only he (and nobody else) has control of the resources and time of the support engineers.

Depends on the issue and your complains you can discuss one or all of the below points:

  • Discuss current status and business impact
  • Ask for proper RCA and the Issue resolution plan
  • Ask for speeding up of the SR resolution
  • Discuss the possibility of another support engineer assignment (often it helps -> usually SR transferred to an experienced engineer in this specific area)
  • Work up an agreed action plan (WHO is doing WHAT, by WHEN)
  • Agree on the Communication Plan and timelines.
  • Is follow up necessary? WHEN?
  • Find out support manager’s contact information: name, email address, office phone (mandatory!!!)

Document the conversation and agreed action plan in the SR by yourself including current time as following:

“HH24:MI – I just spoke to Support Manager Mr. …. and we agreed to the following:…”

Note, the Support Manager has to document the discussion also but usually it’s not so detail as expected to be.

5. Working with Support Manager and the Engineer

These additional steps might be taken to speed up the further MOS SR resolution time:

  • Go on the phone with the Support Engineer (often he will call you back after you talked to the Manager)
  • Do a follow up call with the Support manager (if required)
  • If the Service Request has a Bug associated with it, you can request from the Support Manager to coordinate a call with Oracle Development Management. Explain the Development Management how this bug is affecting your business. The Development Manager usually should confirm if a fix is feasible or not.

6. If an Escalation Manager cannot help

  • If the regular escalation does not help, Oracle Support might start to define an Advanced Resolution Team. From my knowledge this is rather a dynamic team of Oracle experts spread all over the world focusing on specific areas and topics .
  • If you are dissatisfied with the progress made by the Support Manager, the SR can be escalated to an Oracle Senior Director followed by the Oracle Support Vice President if necessary.
  • As issues are escalated within Oracle’s management a Director/VP from your company may be asked to be available for discussions.
  • You might include your Oracle Account Manager but experience says – this does not help a lot. But if nothing helps, you can try any possible options.

That was my Workbook on how to properly escalate Oracle Support (MOS) Service Request (SR). Feel free to share your own experience and tips in the comments below to be included into this document later. As a result of the join effort I’m going to publish  a White Paper on MOS SR Tips and best Practices.

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