How to speed up Oracle MOS SR resolution – OnePager

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Below is a quick summary (OnePager) of the most valuable tips and best practices in order to speed up an Oracle Support (MOS) Service Request (SR) resolution:

  1. Speed up SR creation using:
    – Use OCM and System/Target list -> Right Click on a target -> Create SR button (best method for initial SR)
    – “Create SR Like Selected SR” (best method in case a similar SR for the same target exists already)
    – Using SR Profiles (as alternative in case both above methods are not available/appropriate)
  2. Provide proper SR description and problem type including all relevant logs, traces, screenshots, etc. right at the beginning
  3. Open SR with Severity 2 as minimum (in case you want the SR resolution will move during the day)
  4. Ensure the Oracle Support engineer is in similar time zone (unless it’s 24×7 SR), otherwise request SR reassignment
  5. Ask for the proper root cause analysis, path forward and detail action plan
  6. Respond to your action codes fast in SR (Customer Working, Solution Offered) to ensure the SR is moving
  7. Track Timelines in the SR body yourself (since MOS does not do it properly)
  8. Speed up communication with Support Engineer using alternative ways:
    • Ask Support Engineer to open a chat
    • Ask Support Engineer to open a web conference (get instructions from the engineer how to start it)
    • Call Support Engineer (call Oracle Support and ask them to connect you to the Engineer)
  9. Raise SR Severity to 1 (24×7 or during business hours; it works also for test systems!)
  10. Escalate SR / Request Management Attention

If you have more valuable tips on how to speed up Oracle Support (MOS) Service Request (SR) resolution, share your ideas in comments and/or else like/share it with others.

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