Oracle 11gR2 client installation on Windows 7 troubleshooting

October 14, 2011 by 16 Comments 


Installation of Oracle 11gR2 client on Windows 7 32-bit using Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) failing on prerequisite with below mentioned error.

Physical Memory - This is a prerequisite condition to test whether the system has at least 128MB (131072.0KB) of total physical memory.
Expected Value
: n/a
Actual Value
: n/a
List of errors:
PRVF-7531 : Physical memory check cannot be performed on node "HOISL_THEDATHW" - Cause: Could not perform check of physical memory on the node indicated. - Action: Ensure ability to access the node specified and view memory information.

Free Space - This is a prerequisite condition to test whether the minimum required free space is available on the file system.

Architecture - This is a prerequisite condition to test whether the system has a certified architecture.
Expected Value
: n/a
Actual Value
: n/a
List of errors:
PRVF-7536 : Architecture check cannot be performed on node "HOISL_THEDATHW" - Cause: System architecture could not be determined. - Action: Ensure that the correct software bundle is being used.
Environment variable: "PATH" - This test checks whether the length of the environment variable "PATH" does not exceed the recommended length.
Expected Value
: n/a
Actual Value
: n/a


Not known


Please check following things first:

• Make sure you are using correct version of Oracle client 11gR2 and OUI for Windows (32/64 bit)

• Make sure you have the Windows “server” and “workstation” services started.

• Make sure Windows User have admin access to c$ drive. Command to check:

net use \\computer name\c$

If everything is fine, but you still get above mentioned error, then perform below mentioned step:

Run Oracle 11gR2 installer (OUI) for Windows 7 from command prompt with following command –

Setup.exe -ignoreSysPrereqs

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16 Responses to “Oracle 11gR2 client installation on Windows 7 troubleshooting”
  1. Wade says:

    Thanks for the post. In our case, we received prerequisite errors because we did not run the install as administrator.

  2. Michael Rose says:

    prvf-3029 I keep getting this install error, and don’t know how to fix it. Using windows 7 Ultimate. 64 bit machine.

  3. Kirill Loifman says:

    Hi Michael
    Please try one of the solutions on this article. You can also uncheck some Oracle Installer (OUI) prerequisite checks:
    “Checking operating system requirements” … and “Checking service pack requirements” … to bypass OS prerequisite checks.
    — Kirill

  4. OraMan says:

    Thanks for the tip. It really helped

  5. RK says:


    I am using Windows 7 with elevated permissions but not admin. Is that a problem? I tried your steps but am still unable to install.


  6. Kirill Loifman says:

    Admin rights are required.

  7. SteveP says:

    PRVF-7531- can’t see node

    try: NET USE \\computername\C$

    will setup C$ for use. similar to sharing issue encountered by others.

  8. shashi says:


    Could you tell me shall we install on windows XP?


  9. Kirill Loifman says:

    Hi Shashi
    Not sure, what do you ask but with XP you can isntall oracle 32-bit version and remember it was easy to do on my laptop a few years ago.
    — kirill

  10. tiana0000 says:

    Hi Krill, i have tried all your solutions and it still showed the failed prerequisites. Was surprised it still failed after using the last ‘Setup.exe -ignoreSysPrereqs’ solution. Pls what else can i try.

    Specifics; Windows 7, oracle 11g 32bit.

  11. Kirill Loifman says:

    Thanks Steven for a tip.
    I’m not sure if this will work the same on Windows though.
    — Kirill

  12. Kirill Loifman says:

    Unfortunatelly with WIndows it can be anything 🙂
    Can you please provide more details about the errors you get
    — Kirill

  13. Wojtek says:

    In my case server service disabled
    thx !

  14. Tracy says:

    Look for a check-box options to ignore the prereq checks on right top of error dialog box , check it to tell it ignore them continue to the installation.

  15. Hector says:

    Thank you! The “run as administrator” fixed it for me.

  16. Helen Goussarova says:

    may be my post will help some poor soul

    I attempted to install 11g 32 bit client on Win XP Home edition (please do not laugh), and got the same error messages – nothing could be verified.

    I installed 10g instead, with no problem.

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