Oracle 11gR2 vs 10gR2 installation on Linux RHEL 5/OEL 5

April 21, 2010 by 2 Comments 

In the last weeks I was involved in a series of Oracle database 10gR2 and 11gR2 server installations on Linux RHEL 5/OEL 5 (x86_64).

Below I will give a quick comparison of the new installation features of Oracle 11gR2 Server to Oracle10gR2.

Linux RHEL 5/OEL 5 (x86_64) requirements

–          Newer Linux Kernel 2.6.18-92 required

–          Additional Linux Components and RPMs should be installed

–          A few Linux kernel parameters need to be adjusted

Oracle Universal Installer ( OUI ) 11gR2

– 11gR2 GUI interface of OUI is simplified. It’s more presentable, advanced and straight forward.

– The Oracle 10g old-fashioned installation file .cpio replaced by 2 zip files in Oracle 11gR2.

– OUI 11gR2 does not require –ignoreSysPrereqs option to be installed on RHEL 5/OEL 5 compared to Oracle 10gR2

– You can enable Oracle Configuration Manager in OUI during Oracle 11gR2 installation.

– There is no longer a Custom installation type where you could choose individual components to install in Oracle 10gR2.  Instead, you can select just basic components to install in Enterprise Edition. Additionally, there is a new Standard Edition One available to install. It’s meant for Desktop and Single Instance installations only.

– Default suggested ORACLE_HOME is slightly changed to …/dbhome_1 instead of …/db_1 in Oracle 10gR2.

– Nice thing regarding Oracle 11gR2 is that you do not need to patch it at the moment compared to base version Oracle 10gR2.

– Installation execution progress of the new OUI is more presentable.

– Installation log files now have new location in $ORACLE_BASE/cfgtoollogs/dbca

– Brand new directories below:


$ORACLE_BASE/diag (Automatic Diagnostic Repository) = [ diagnostic_dest = /opt/oracle/FPLMP ]

Oracle 11gR2 Database Configuration Assistant ( DBCA ) – database creation

– There is the option in DBCA to disable Automatic Maintenance Tasks like Optimizer Statistics Collection, Automatic Segment Advisor and etc.

– Initial system user passwords are checked against the Oracle recommended password complexity policy.

– There is no longer a Raw Devices storage mechanism to choose for a database

– 11gR2 DBCA can install new database components like Oracle Application Express and Oracle Warehouse Builder

Automatic Memory Management consist of SGA + PGA in 11g

– A new DBCA step is available with automatic Registering the Database with Oracle Restart service

Oracle 11gR2 Net Manager  ( netmgr )

The Logging and Tracing tab gives the ability to enable a new Oracle 11g Automatic Diagnostic Repository (ADR) feature.

Your ADR Base Directory = $ORACLE_BASE.

… to be continued

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2 Responses to “Oracle 11gR2 vs 10gR2 installation on Linux RHEL 5/OEL 5”
  1. Jesko says:


    I also noticed the Folder $ORACLE_BASE/checkpoints while installing 11gR2 do you know what it is used for?


  2. Kirill Loifman says:

    It’s an Installation directory.
    OUI creates “$ORACLE_BASE/checkpoint” to save any intermediate milestones during install.
    For successful installs, the saved checkpoints are removed at the end of the install.
    After that 11gR2 does not require this directory, so it can be deleted or ignored after a successful installation.

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