Oracle database In-Memory development workshop

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Oracle database In-Memory development workshop

Oracle database In-Memory development workshop

This month I had a chance to talk with the Oracle database In-Memory development team at the Oracle Headquarter in Redwood Shores and meet there the Oracle product managers, VP of Oracle In-Memory and the mother of Oracle Query Optimizer Maria Colgan. In a 3 hours workshop we discussed the current challenges in implementing new database and in-memory computing technologies, talked about new trends and possibilities in the future product versions.

I really liked the atmosphere of the workshop, the openness of the Oracle development team and the constructive discussion that we could have there. This certainly can help us to be prepared and build a database platform of tomorrow that will be capable to cope with enormous data growth and tough availability and performance requirements that come from the customers.

Thanks to Maria, Tirthankar, Raj, Andy, Shasank and entire Oracle In-Memory team to make it happen.

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