Oracle Exadata X4 database machine – hardware insights

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The last version of Oracle Exadata Database Machine X3 was announced shortly before the Oracle Open World 2012 Conference. It was great to see at that time more power for the same price, 1/8 rack option and the new Platinum Services on the top. General availability date for the new Oracle Exadata X4-2 is not finally communicated at the moment but I guess it will be released already early in 2014. Below I give some insights of the expected hardware changes  compared to Exadata X3.

As with the previous version Exadata X4 will provide large performance and capacity increases with no changes in Exadata Hardware or Software Prices. Increased CPU cores may require more database licenses though.

Hardware changes in Oracle Exadata X4-2 Database Server

– 50% More Database Cores (2 Twelve-Core Intel® Xeon® E5-2697 v2 Processors x 2.7GHz)

– 2X Larger DB Server Local Storage (4 x 600GB 10K RPM SAS Disks – Hot-Swappable)

– Larger Memory (Up to 512Gb RAM per server using 32GB DIMMs)

Hardware changes in Oracle Exadata X4-2 Storage Server

– Faster CPU clock (2 Six-Core Intel® Xeon® E5-2630 v2 Processors 2.6 GHz)

– More memory (96 GB (4 x 8GB + 4 x 16GB)

– 2X Larger Physical Flash Memory (44 TB of Flash Memory per Rack)

– Up to 4X Larger Logical Flash Memory (using Smart Flash Cache Compression)

– 66% More Flash IOs/sec on X4-2 (2.66M Reads, 1.68M Writes from SQL)

– 33% Larger High Capacity Disks (4TB SAS Disks)

– 2X Larger High Performance Disks (1.2 TB SAS 2.5” Disks)

– 2X Faster InfiniBand (InfiniBand PCI-3 Card. All Ports Active)

– Battery Online Replaceable in a disk controller HBA

Even though processing power greatly increased, the Exadata X4 infrastructure will stay as before in X3 machines having similar power, cooling, airflow, PDUs and Cisco switches for management connectivity.

Just in case somebody does not know what is Oracle Exadata database machine I give below a short introduction.

The Oracle Exadata Database Machine is engineered system to be the highest the highest performing and most available platform for running the Oracle Database. Exadata is a modern architecture featuring scale-out industry-standard database servers, scale-out intelligent storage servers, and an extremely high speed InfiniBand internal fabric that connects all servers and storage. Unique software algorithms in Exadata implement database intelligence in storage, PCI based flash, and InfiniBand networking to deliver higher performance and high capacity at lower costs than other platforms. Exadata runs all types of database workloads including Online Transaction Processing (OLTP), Data Warehousing (DW) and consolidation of mixed workloads. Simple and fast to implement, the Exadata Database Machine powers and protects your most important databases and is the ideal foundation for a consolidated database cloud.

I’ll share more Oracle Exadata X4 insights shortly…

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