Oracle Open World Conference 2017 Highlights

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JavaOne and Oracle Open World Conference 2017JavaOne & Oracle OpenWorld (OOW) conference is one of the biggest and most important technology conference in the world. It hosts tens of thousands of attendees as well as millions online who want to connect, learn and explore industry trends and breakthroughs driven by IT technology. The conference offers more than 2,500 educational sessions, hundreds of demos and hands-on labs, plus exhibitions from more than 400 partners and customers from around the world.

The conference does not focus purely on databases. There are many more interesting technology areas presented from HW, OS and software development to modern IT trends like Cloud, Big Data, Blockchain, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, etc. But what about the database? Is Oracle not a pure database provider? No, it was probably long time back, but NOT ANY MORE.

Below are a few major topics that were dominating at the last OOW


Oracle is aggressively scaling its cloud business and effectively catching-up with competitors like Amazon (AWS), Azur and Salesforce introducing at OOW17 an array of new Cloud offerings and enhancements and demonstrating its cost efficiency and unbeatable Infrastructure performance. At the same time comparing these all the way against AWS. For example, Larry Ellison (Oracle Founder & CTO) stated that Oracle Cloud would cost at least 50% less of your AWS bill and they would write this in the contract.
The recent launch of Oracle data Centers in Frankfurt supporting European Availability region can only confirm serious Oracle intention in the Cloud business. I personally think that soon only a few large Cloud providers will cover the major Cloud market that in turn will be driven mostly by Software Cloud Services (SaaS and partly PaaS). And there is a big chance that Oracle will be soon in the Cloud leaders caused by a large range of own quality software, modern Java development platform as well as own cost efficient HW, OS and Virtualization stack.

Machine learning

What is this thing by the way? For me this term is an attempt to narrow down the scope and a goal of Artificial Intelligence that the IT industry failed to reach during the past several decades. To be more precise: Machine learning is more basic approach of using software algorithms to analyze data and then based on that make certain decisions including determination or prediction about something in the future. By the way Machine Learning technique is an integral component of modern applications.

With this respect, Oracle announced the Machine Learning capabilities in many of its existing Cloud SaaS, PaaS and IOT offerings including AI-powered chatbots, etc. as well as the launch of new Cloud Services that includes these type of capabilities:
– AI Platform Cloud Service
– Adaptive Intelligent Apps
– Autonomous Database Cloud
– and some more…


It’s not only about Bitcoin! The modern enterprises try already using Blockchain technology for own internal applications and needs using the general Blockchain capability of storing and transferring different assets in logistics, financial, smart contract management apps, etc. or tracking patient medical history for example.

I think the Blockchain is an important technology that will have enormous impact on IT & Business in the near future. And Oracle certainly wants to benefit from this trend. Just look at the Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service that will coming soon.

Modern Development Platform

Here there was a lot of talks about Oracle new Container Native Application Development Platform that is based on several new Cloud services that provide managed Kubernetes clusters, Container Registry Service, Container Pipelines and a full container lifecycle management service. Oracle currently is supporting a lot the development community and open source projects. As a result of this, look at one of the Container Native Serverless project called Fn-Project.

What about the database?

Oracle announced the new Oracle 18c version that will be released in 2018 as Autonomous Database Cloud. It means the most of routine database management tasks (backup, patching, tuning, scaling etc.) will be automated in the Cloud, will not require any human intervention and be executed online with guaranteed yearly availability of 99,995%.
The new DB version will also support the newest intel persistent memory technology that is going to boost the performance of the entire IT computing power in the future.

Do not forget the HARDWARE

Oracle announced the next-generation Oracle Exadata X7 with significant hardware and software enhancements in overall performance, storage capacity, network bandwidth, and automation.

As another highlight for me personally was a workshop with Oracle In-Memory development team at the Oracle Headquarter.

I recommend watching very exciting Larry Ellison’s Keynote at OOW that reveals some Machine Learning, Security, database & Cloud topics.

Fine the other OOW17 Keynotes at YouTube.

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