Oracle OpenWorld 2012 Wrap Up – Part 1

October 12, 2012 by 2 Comments 

Kirill Loifman at Oracle Open World Conference 2012 in San Francisco

Kirill Loifman at Oracle OpenWorld Conference 2012 in San Francisco

Another Oracle OpenWorld (OOW) Conference that I attended is over. This time is in sunny San Francisco. It was a great event and I could learn a lot about new technologies and polish my DBA skills during technical sessions, hands-on labs and live demos. Also the Oracle keynotes were not like a brainwash but rather they could motivate me to be excited about the work I’ve been doing for more than 15 years. But OpenWorld (OOW) is not just this. It’s also about networking, meeting interesting people, technology gurus and catching up with folks I already knew.

There were a lot of different topics covered at the OOW conference but my main focus was on the database management technology. See below the summary of the OpenWorld conference news and highlights that were important for me.

It’s All about the Cloud

I think almost all Oracle topics at the OOW conference were around Cloud Computing.
However for me “Cloud” is just a modern IT term and the exact technical implementation of the technology is more important. For me as DBA it was more important to see the new technologies of enabling Database Clouds or as they call it Private Database Cloud. It’s funny a bit, because 5 years ago we called it “Consolidation”, now it’s “Private Cloud”, but I still believe in practical terms it’s still the same Consolidation. The Oracle fundamental technologies for building Cloud-based databases still look the same. These are Oracle RAC, ASM, Resource Management, Exadata. At OOW Oracle introduced a new architecture for consolidating databases on Clouds and a perfect solution for SaaS which is called 12c Pluggable Databases feature. Read more details below on that.

Oracle database 12c (c = Cloud)

Oracle database 12c will become available in 2013 (rumours say – maybe even later)

– Includes Native support for Cloud Computing

– Pluggable Databases feature is a fundamental architectural change (more about it in next posts)

– DB is Bundled with OEM DB Express. It’s a lightweight version of DB Control, has no agent, no alerts and featured with new performance tuning tools like powerful “Performance Hub” page.

Some more new features are below:

– Increased size for some Data Types (VARCHAR2, etc.)

– Invisible Columns

– DEFAULT VALUE enhancements

– Multiple indexes on the same columns

– IDENTITY columns

– Adaptive Query Optimization

– New types of histograms

– Improved stats gathering options

– Adaptive SQL Plan Management

– New Optimization technics

– … more complete list read in next posts

Oracle EXA machines

Exadata X3 Database machine announced. See some details below:

–       Same architecture and price as Exadata X2

–       4x larger flash memory -> 22TB PCI flash memory per rack

–       20x more write performance -> Exadata Smart Flash Write Caching

–       33% more data throughput -> 100GB/sec running SQL

–       33% faster DB CPUs -> 8-Core Xeon SandyBridge E5-2690

–       75% more memory -> 2-4 TB DRAM

–       Full 10Gb Ethernet to Data Centre

–       10-30% lower power -> Up to 3 Kilowatt Reduction per Rack

New lower cost 1/8 rack solution:

–       HW is the same as ¼ rack

–       Still a 2-node RAC solution

–       Half the flash and CPU is disabled

–       Can be upgraded to ¼ RAC easily by enabling the 2nd half of HW

New Oracle Platinum Services announced:

–       Applied to Oracle Engineered Systems

–       Delivered at no additional costs for Premier Support customers

–       24/7 oracle monitoring and remote diagnostics

–       5 Minute Fault Notification

–       15 Minute Restoration or Escalation to Development

–       30 Minute Joint Debugging with Development

–       Quarterly system updates

I’ll continue a bit later but at this stage I can highlight the major things that impressed me at OOW:

– 12c Pluggable Databases feature
– OEM DB Express
– Exadata X3
– Oracle Platinum Services for Engineered Systems
– Performance tuning sessions with Tom Kyte, Jonathan Lewis, Andrew Holdsworth, Carlos Sierra and others
– San Francisco itself
– Networking and meeting new interesting people

All in all, It was a lot of fun there! Check it out below…

OOW2012_Real_World_Performance session with TomKyte

Read more about Oracle 12c Pluggable Database feature:
Oracle 12c Pluggable Database is a fundamental architectural change
Oracle 12c Pluggable Database feature insights
Oracle 12c Pluggable Database (PDB) feature hands-on experience

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2 Responses to “Oracle OpenWorld 2012 Wrap Up – Part 1”
  1. Pranav Vij says:

    Hey Kirill,

    Great article and nicely drafted. I am sure you would have enjoyed the conference to the fullest.

    How are things otherwise ?

    Keep in touch!


  2. Hi Pranav
    OpenWorld was great but now I need to do follow ups catching up with the work.
    Second part of OOW will folllow next week maybe.
    take care.

    — kirill

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