Oracle Support (MOS) Service Request best practices

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In case you want to engage Oracle Support in order to receive help in an issue resolution you have to submit a Service Request (SR) at My Oracle Support website (MOS). Below I share some best practices in this area collected from different training courses and my own experience.

Before creating Oracle MOS SR

When you have a question or issue, need help the solution may already be available on MOS or Internet.
So before creating an SR you can do a quick search in the MOS Knowledge Base and MOS Community Space, use OTN Forum or even Google it. I recommend however using MOS Community or Internet only if all below points apply:

  • If you have a low severity question or if you are interested in discovering how to do something
  • If you have been unable to locate an answer in the MOS Knowledge Base
  • When you have knowledge or experiences to share with your peers

If the issue is critical, do not wait! Submit the SR immediately while in parallel doing your own investigation (ideally having 2 resources for these 2 tasks). In this case even if you find a solution yourself, it will be anyway worth to validate it through MOS SR.

Creating a well-defined SR

1) Create an MOS SR using following methods:

  • Using a relevant System/Target that is managed in MOS via Oracle Configuration Manager (OCM): <Systems> Tab -> Right-Click on System or Target -> Create SR
  • Using “Create SR Like Selected SR” (best method in case a similar SR for the same target exists already)
  • Using “Create SR” button to create SR from scratch
Oracle MOS SR Create step

Oracle Support MOS SR Create Step

2) Provide all the necessary information that enables the SR to be correctly assigned to the engineer with the best skillset to resolve your issue.

Oracle Support MOS SR - Problem Step

Oracle Support MOS SR – Problem Step

SR Step – Problem

  • Problem Summary = Tittle of the SR (use as short SR explanation; try to be descriptive to distinguish it in the SR List later; include Error codes)
  • To speed up SR creation you can Autofill the Configuration/Software section using “SR Profile” or “Existing SR”.
  • Choose carefully [Problem type] to ensure the SR assigned to the most appropriate and qualified support engineer available which will minimize the potential number of SR transfers and decrease the resolution time.

SR Step – Solutions

  • Certain Problem Types can trigger the MOS Guided Resolution Feature  to help resolve the issue or gather more data to enable the Support engineer to investigate your issue. Alternatively you will see the relevant MOS Knowledge Base documents (that you can review later in parallel after submitting the SR).
  • Note, that Solutions step in SR creation process can be turned off in MOS Settings -> Knowledge Preferences

SR Step – More details

  • Attach any supporting documents, log and trace files, screen shots, output of diagnostic tools used in More Details step. You can do it right after SR submitting but do not wait before the Support Engineer will ask you for that.

SR Step – Severity/Contact

  • SR Severity is important because it directly affects the resolution time. Usually you should not expect fast SR resolution with severity low than 2 (Severity 3 is the default). See below the Oracle table for SR resolution.
  • Severity 1 Notes:
    • can be handled during business hours (MOS option)
    • for production systems & for test (in case of a showstopper for a critical go-live / milestone)
    • more details in my MOS SR escalation procedure
Oracle Support MOS SR - Severity Levels

Oracle Support MOS SR – Severity Levels

Submit SR or Save as Draft

Save your SR as Draft if you need more time to gather data and submit it later

Managing MOS SR – Best Practices

Following SR Best practices will improve your support experience and reduce your resolution times

Very important!

  • You must have a valid support contract and maintenance level assigned to your Customer Support Identifier (CSI) .
  • Bear aware that in case you mention in the SR that your Oracle database is running on any Virtualization platform or in any Public Cloud (except OCI), the support can be declined by an Oracle Support.

React properly based on current SR Status Codes

  • The action is owned by Oracle only in case of two following SR statuses: “Work in Progress” or “Development is Working”. In all other cases Oracle is waiting for you!
  • If Oracle engineer contacted you 3 times over a 2 week period without a response he will initiate the SR auto-close process

Use alternative communication paths

  • Request Support Engineer to open a Chat (works for Primary and Alternate contacts)
  • Request Support Engineer to open Web Conference (get instructions from the engineer how to start it)
  • Call Support Engineer (call Oracle Support and ask them to connect you to the Engineer)
  • Use Mobile My Oracle Support  web site ( to check your SR status, etc.

Oracle Support engineers working hours

  • If it’s not 24×7 SR, ensure the Oracle engineer works in your time zone. Otherwise request SR reassignment
  • Every oracle engineer has to mention in the case his working hours. Example is from 09:00 AM to 05:30 PM (GMT +2), Monday to Friday. Use URL to convert his working hours to you local time:

To engage support outside of the current engineer coverage hours, do the following:

  • Dial your local Support Center:
  • Enter your Service Request Number
  • Select Option 1 – Current Service Request Owner
  • If one is unable to answer or your need is urgent please request for the next available engineer to get immediate help

Escalate MOS SR

Read my separate post How to escalate Oracle MOS SR

More MOS SR Tips

  • Add extra useful columns (like System) in Service Requests view
  • Use Favorites for most interested SRs to find them faster (especially using MOS Mobile)
  • Use Contact Us link (in MOS right upper corner) to submit a non-technical SR.
  • Use ShowMOS trick to disable expired MOS session

That was a detail summary about Oracle Support (MOS) Service Request best practices. You might be interested in my other MOS related articles:
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