Oracle training for a performance tuning expert

September 7, 2010 by 2 Comments 

Oracle training with Dan Hotka in Germany

Oracle training with Dan Hotka in Germany

I always thought Oracle database performance tuning was more an art than a science. Being an Oracle performance tuning expert you have to recite not only database manuals but know how the database really works. Besides, you have to understand the core principles of performance management, including a time-tested methodology that is utilized to determine, investigate, and implement efficient solutions to real performance problems.

Only understanding and skilfully using of the proper performance tuning methodology empowers a performance tuning expert to quickly find and fix complex database performance issues.

I still prefer Oracle training in English and that is not easy to find in Germany. Luckily, Oracle University offers sometimes exclusive seminars for Oracle database experts from Oracle Gurus.

These seminars cover most Oracle releases, predominantly focusing on latest versions 10g and 11g. To get the best value out of it you have to be already prepared as an experienced DBA, otherwise a few days of a seminar may make for a very long few days for you.

I like that the seminar case studies discussed are real-world performance problems and they validate the performance tuning methodology. Usually at the end of the seminar, you will have the required knowledge in a particular area to detect, diagnose and resolve performance problems in an Oracle database.

I have already attended a couple of these performance tuning seminars and had the privilege of getting to know Oracle Gurus like Dan Hotka – an author and training specialist, Oracle Ace Director and an internationally recognized Oracle expert with over 27 years of Oracle experience (see the Photo); Kyle Hailey – an author and training specialist, performance tuning expert who worked with Oracle for over 13 years and developed a new performance tuning methodology – first in Oracle OEM 10g and later in DB Optimizer at Embarcadero; Jonathan Lewis – author and training specialist, an independent design and trouble-shooting consultant with 20 years database software experience and very deep knowledge of Oracle kernel.

All you have to do after training is implement those techniques on real performance tuning and trouble-shooting cases…

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2 Responses to “Oracle training for a performance tuning expert”
  1. Nidhika says:

    Hi ,

    Can you please guide me for performance tuning knowledge which book or online training I can attend because I am from INDIA.I want to improve knowledge of performance tuning.

    Thanks & Regards

  2. Kirill Loifman says:

    Hi Nidhika
    I recommend doing Oracle University courses, best going for in-class training.
    Database Performance tuning and SQL Performance tuning
    — Kirill

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