Data Protection versus Cloud Computing – Public Clouds

Since a fairly long time, two little words are on their way: Cloud Computing.  Cloud Computing is a concept from IT-Management and has the aim – described easily – that the IT-domains will not be operated via the user anymore but rather via one or more service providers. The data and applications will not be found on the local computer or data processing service center but rather will be stored in the so-called Cloud.

The concept of Cloud Computing has the aim to present the liberty, to provide services from any place in the world. However, the liberty of these Clouds will be initially limited in Europe. Reason for that is the restrictive Data Protection regulation. Read more »

The 5 major growing IT trends

According to Gartner the major growing technical IT trends for the coming years are Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Mobile, Unified Collaboration & Communications and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). I would also add another one: Green IT. All of them comprise of techniques that have an impact on different industries as well as user behavior in the long term.

What are they, and how the enterprises can adopt them – in my short wrap-up below. Read more »

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