What NoSQL database to choose

Big Data application requirements are usually very extensive and might not fit into one database technology. The list of these requirements can be huge and specific. Some general ones are below:

•  Handling huge amounts of unstructured data
•  Combination from search and analytical type of queries
•  Denormalized data patterns
•  Support for high volume writes and read volumes that are not always predictable
•  High availability
•  No downtime deployments
•  …

Perhaps that is the reason why NoSQL solutions are very much application and situation specific based on every product in corresponding category functionality and features. Usually no one NoSQL database matches all the application requirements like usual General-Purpose RDBMS systems. It depends a lot on the application architecture and what NoSQL database fits better you have to decide.

The NoSQL databases have specific characteristics to showcase and they perform best if used for that purpose. So you cannot use a Key-Value store when you need a Graph or Document database for example, while Relational database systems (RDBMS) are all quite compatible.

Then what NoSQL database to choose? Read more »

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