Oracle database 12c wish list

In spite I’m an Oracle database expert I work also partly with Microsoft SQL Server and Sybase.
This gives me the opportunity to compare different RDBMSs and on the other hand identify weak areas in Oracle compared to others.

This article is about missing functionality or features that probably every Oracle DBA would like to have in the future Oracle database releases (Oracle Server 12c for example). And I’ll start with the database access control that is not so flexible on Oracle as in Microsoft SQL Server or Sybase. Read more »

Oracle database restrictions and workarounds at daily DBA work

Oracle introduces hundreds of new database features in every database release. At the same time some tiny small restrictions in the code exist for a long time that bother database developers and DBAs at their daily work. Below I explore some of the common Oracle restrictions I often encounter during database administration. I give the workarounds for most of them and compare some with Microsoft SQL Server implementations. Read more »

Database Performance Tuning Questionnaire

Performance problems occur when a task takes longer to perform than the time allowed and uses excessive resources. If the database seems to be running very slow or a command seems to take a long time to respond, an experienced DBA can try to diagnose this runtime problem and fix it.

Performance tuning is a complex process requiring collaborative efforts from DBA and Application team. Thus, to make the tuning exercise efficient and minimize the effort required, the performance issues should be clearly defined. The more precise and detailed you can answer below questions, the easier and faster the tuning process will be for a DBA. Read more »

DB Optimizer – database software review

Database performance tuning can be complicated even for a DBA. In many cases a database just seems like as a big black box. Recently I’ve had a chance to review database software called Embarcadero DB Optimizer XE that tries to open that black box for database developers and a DBA. Read more »

Data protection rules for a DBA

Below I’d like to touch on the European Union’s data protection rules in order to encourage database administrators (DBAs) to be careful with sensitive company and individual’s information that you work with.

The data protection rules established by the European Union help give people control of their personal data. They set high standards for businesses that collect and use this data – especially sensitive data like health information, sexual preference, religious, political or ideological views or prior criminal offences. Read more »

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