What makes an Oracle consultant tick?

Oracle Open World in Berlin

Oracle Open World in Berlin

What makes me, as an Oracle consultant, tick? That question sometimes rises in my mind. I think the answer is “Passion for new IT technology, in particular new cutting-edge database techniques and features I have to learn and use at work. I would also include new training and conferences.

I can admit that my motivation sometimes wanes doing day-to-day DBA work but once I get a new and interesting project or have to work with brand new RDBMS versions I’m re-invigorated. Training and conferences are also big motivation driving factors for Oracle experts. Read more »

Oracle complete recovery using backup control file

I was just called into an Oracle database recovery issue. The situation was trivial for an Oracle DBA – a media failure damaged just one DB file on the Oracle database operating in ARCHIVELOG mode.

…but the guys have already issued the following recovery statement by mistake:
Read more »

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