Extract DDL of Oracle objects with dbms_metadata package

I try to focus on DBA strategy in my writing but am still sometimes posting purely technical articles. This one will help Oracle DBAs and developers to quickly extract DDL (Data Definition Language) of any type Oracle database objects. Even more important, you will be able to produce a list of objects’ DDL that no one other tool (that I know of) can do.

Imagine a DBA would like to extract DDL of one index. Most database GUI tools can do that. What about a few indexes at once? Surprisingly, neither Oracle SQL developer nor OEM can do that, while some other commercial GUI utilities can. But what if you need to extract DDL for hundreds indexes that were failed during the last import? I guess at this point our poor DBA is stuck. Read more »

Unable to DDL due to Oracle Spatial and XDB

I’ve just encountered an interesting Oracle database issue that was not described properly on the Internet. So, I’ve decided to give a solution in this post.

The issue is that you simply can not execute certain DDL (Data Definition Language) SQL statements due to the strange behavior of Oracle triggers and Oracle error ORA-00604 and ORA-04098. Read more »

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