Oracle database housekeeping methods – Unix log rotation

Since Oracle Database 11g, all traces, incident dumps and packages, the alert log, Health Monitor reports, core dumps, and more files are stored in the ADR, a file-based Automatic Diagnostic Repository for simplified database diagnostic data management. In spite the housekeeping or purging of those files got not simplified, unfortunately the new Oracle utility ADRCI can not purge all the files that Oracle database generates in ADR. Thus, you should use the other OS methods and tools to accomplish Oracle database housekeeping.

This time I share a method of rotating Oracle database log files using Unix logrotate mechanism. The below example will rotate the Oracle alert.log and listener.log files in the following way:

– Rotation is based on the file size (you can use “M” or “k” for Mb and Kb)
– Unix Logrotate utility creates a copy of the original log file, then truncates it
– The rotated files will be compressed with Unix gzip utility with the following name <logfile>-yyyymmdd.gz
– Only recent 20 rotated log files are kept
– Rotation frequency is default = weekly
– No errors generated if the log file is missing
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