Get IT Cost Savings on Oracle database software

I often hear from customers: Oracle database server is so expensive. Well, I often answer: That depends! In fact, the Oracle database license costs are similar to software from Oracle’s competitors. Microsoft SQL Server has a different license model though. Oracle has a lot of advantages in its flexible license model as well as number of Open Source initiatives. Together, these options allow an enterprise to get cost savings on their IT investments. Read more »

Towards LAMP 2 – Oracle on Linux

This article continues my views on Open Source LAMP stack. Below I examine in particular Linux operating system in combination with Oracle database. You can read the previous post here: Towards Open Source, OSS and LAMP.

Linux went further than other “Open Sources” by providing a few popular commercial distributions in the market. If you still do not use Linux in your IT Infrastructure for production middle-ware systems, even on virtualized environments – try it. It works quite well already. Furthermore, nowadays, DBMS runs pretty stable on Linux. Oracle database on OracleVM (virtual machine) is also an option. Read more »

Towards Open Source, OSS and LAMP

With the increased focus on cost savings, the usage of open-source platforms like LAMP comes into mind. In addition to cost savings, IT trends and external factors are pushing enterprises towards Open Source Systems (OSS).

Below is my conservative view on switching from Closed Source Systems (CSS) to OSS. Some more details you can read in my following LAMP related posts ragarding Oracle database on Linux and comparison of Oracle and My SQL databases. Read more »

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