Oracle database support 12c 18c 19c patching vs upgrade

To help you plan ahead the Oracle database upgrades and patching, below is an Oracle Database Releases roadmap, showing their lifetime support stages (Premier + Extended) for the latest releases.

Oracle database Release and Support Timelines (MOS Doc ID 742060.1) + Extras

Oracle Support Notes

  • Ensure to maintain Oracle releases that are under Oracle Premium Support  (black bars on the chart) or Extended Support (red bars on the chart)
  • Extended Support is typically for three years following the expiration of Premier Support and only for the Terminal Patch Set release
  • After end of Premium + Extended Support no new patches are released by Oracle + lower SLAs apply for the corresponding database release
  • To receive Extended Support, you must:
    • Continue to pay the support fee for Premier Support 
    • Purchase Extended Support on top of Premier Support fee (unless the fee is waived (usually for the 1st year)
    • Most ULA/PULA contracts include Extended Support fee
    • Enable Extended Support for your Support Identifier (SI) on MOS
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Roadmap of Oracle Database releases

[Updated in October 2017]

Oracle was, is and will be probably the first in most of RDBMS innovations. Over the last 35 years Oracle went through successful database release schedule. To help planning the company IT projects I give the below road-map of the latest Oracle Database major releases 11.2 and beyond, showing planned release dates and the duration of their support lives. The release and timing of any platforms are subject to change at any time and at Oracle’s sole discretion. (see the latest status in MOS Doc ID 742060.1 or below as last updated on Oct-2017)

Oracle database roadmap

Oracle database roadmap [updated in October 2017]


Patching end dates for the latest release/patch levels

Release Patching Ends Notes and Exceptions* 31-Jul-2021 Extended Support fees waived through July 31, 2019 31-Aug-2016 Patching has ended for this release. 31-Dec-2020
Extended Support fees waived until Dec 31, 2018.

Oracle Major releases – Designated by the 2nd place in the version number (e.g. 11.2.0.x) and shown as the wider red bar in the Roadmap.

—> Starting from Oracle 12.2 Oracle uses a new patching concept based on RUs RURs patches.

—> Before Oracle release 12.2 following patching concept applies:

– Oracle Patch sets – Designated by the 4th place in the version number (e.g., and shown by the narrower green bars below their associated major release. Patchsets are released on different platforms over time started usually from Linux.
– Patch Set Updates (PSU) and Critical Patch Updates (CPU) – (not listed separately on the Roadmap) they are released every quarter for supported patch sets and designated by the 5th place in the version number (e.g.

Oracle historical release road map

2018: Oracle 18c expected to be released (based on OOW 2017 announcement)
– First fully autonomous database

2017: Oracle 12cR2 (12.2) 

2014 –

– Oracle Database In-Memory Read more »

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