Oracle objects maintenance with SQL scripts

On database environments there should be a strict change management policy with agreed rules between database development teams and DBAs on how to maintain database objects.

Imagine you have a large number of Oracle database schemas on one database instance running many different applications. Maintaining database objects on such an environment can be tricky. Below I give some tips how to do just that by using SQL scripts and the SQL*Plus utility. Read more »

The power of Oracle CREATE SESSION privilege

So many times I hear from database developers that their application has no rights on an Oracle database server. This always surprises me since it is not possible to have an Oracle user connected to the database without any rights at all. Even with a single create session privilege the user obtains the whole bunch of default rights which can not be easily revoked by a poor DBA. Read more »

Unable to DDL due to Oracle Spatial and XDB

I’ve just encountered an interesting Oracle database issue that was not described properly on the Internet. So, I’ve decided to give a solution in this post.

The issue is that you simply can not execute certain DDL (Data Definition Language) SQL statements due to the strange behavior of Oracle triggers and Oracle error ORA-00604 and ORA-04098. Read more »

The power of Oracle User Dictionary Views

“What’s my Oracle user default tablespace? How much space do my database objects occupy? Did you move all my indexes during the user schema copy?…”

Being a full-time Oracle DBA I frequently answer these same questions of software developers. Read more »

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