Oracle database tablespace report – SQL script

In this article I’ll share a SQL script that I probably use most often. The SQL will show Oracle database tablespace information. Many Oracle DBAs and developers use GUI tools nowadays and me also, but sometimes you need to see some extras. The SQL script will list Oracle database tablespaces including tablespace status and type, counts of files and segments per tablespace and the most important – display proper tablespace sizes.

UPDATE [Jun-2016]: the script is entirely rewritten to version 2.0

– New [2.0]: Tablespace (TS) type is extended to display UNIFORM / System Extend Management and ASSM
– New [2.0]: Display actual used space in UNDO and TEMP tablespaces (not HWM as before)
– New [2.0]: Runtime is considerably reduced
– New [2.0]: Compatible with OEM CC 12c/13c output
– Tested on Oracle database 10g, 11g, 12c
– Column: “Max Size” – maximum possible size of a tablespace as a result of Autoextention of database files
– Column: “TS Type” (Tablespace type):
-> LM/DM – Local/Dictionary Managed
-> SYS/UNI – SYStem/UNIform Extent Management (LM only)
-> ASSM/MSSM – Automatic/Manual Segment Space Management (ASSM -> LM only)
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